Monthly Archives: May 2013

Work done before lifting in (2013) ………..

Replace heads piping, and might as well fit new sea cocks …. and the spares may soon not be available for the Lavac Zenith Heads, so lets put in the new Lavec Heads …. and new pump of course.  Of note was the new (odour free) tubing had a slightly wider outside diameter than the original – so the holes all needed opening up …. the hole which gave access under the fibreglass sole provided the greatest challenge – but was able to reach it with a flexible extension on the drill.

The good news was it wasn’t the expensive LED bulb that was causing the light to flicker …. it was the switch (cheaper to order 5 on Ebay so now have 4 spares to put somewhere and then lose when they are needed).

And there is some wasted space under the work surface so lets fit an inspection hatch.