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Back out of the water ………….

Where did the season go !   Anyway many jobs to get sorted.

Firstly remove the old gas locker as we are now paraffin converts, well actually the reason for removing the gas locker is also to fit some chain plates to accommodate a  series drouge.  I have not yet met anyone at our club who knows what a series drogue is, and so if your asking the same question there is a good explanation at:


Gas Locker


Gas Locker Cleared


Most of the gas locker has been removed noting the cables for radar etc are still running through one piece of wood.  This was another days work pulling the cable through, as we neither wanted to cut and rejoin the radar cable, nor risk cutting the wood so close to the cable !



Pictured above is the type of chain plate we need to fit ( with thanks to Richard Robinson,  T/W 37 ‘Bimba’). The gas locker had to come out so we can fit the backing plates on the port side.

We also hope to fit stern anchor gear and so have engaged the help of a navel architect ….. hopefully to keep the lines of this lady intact.

Whilst waiting for drawings we have removed all the skin fittings below the water line. Noting a little trick picked up on the internet of using a puller to pull through the skin fitting once the backing nut has been removed.  skin fitting removal skin fitting

Not all of the backing nuts wanted to come free, thank goodness for a Dremel, which enabled the nut to be split without damage to the backing pad (well a tiny nick).

The next step is to epoxy the sides of the holes and make good some chips of epoxy that came away with the fitting.