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Log entry – 26th June 2014

Departed our anchorage outside Lymmington, passed the needles, bound for Cherbourg.  We had a cracking sail on a beam reach doing 7 knots over the ground in a force 4 – 5. needles Cherbourg was a nice easy harbour, and we actually saw people sailing into their berth which has always been a dream of ours … a little more practice needed.   Cherbourg Evening   We enjoyed Cherbourg, reasonable price, about 22 euros a night with electric included and welcoming staff.

Leaving Cherbourg via West Entrance

Leaving Cherbourg via West Entrance

Departed Cherbourg 24th June, with some angst about the Alderney Race, originally we had planned to go to Alderney but the wind was forecast to be in the North which is apparently uncomfortable in Braye Harbour – and the skipper on the boat next us warned us off.  Our contingency was to to anchor in Long Bay but ‘Reeds’ advised strongly against using the anchorages without pilot books and large scale charts.  We had the necessary charts but not a recent pilot book so we decided to go to St. Peters Port.  So on the day there was no wind and we had to motor all the way to Gurnsey and the tides lived up to their reputation – we as it was turning.   We took a berth outside of the marina, with no electricity for £25 per night. In June if you pay for three nights you get the fourth free which is what we have done as the wind is forecast to be in the SW for the next couple of days. We have had chance to have a look around, and Cornet Castle in St. Peters Port is shown below. Of course the first purchase was some decent pilot books of the Channel Islands in case we come back this way.

Castle St Peters Port   Having negotiated the rocks in the approach to St. Peters Port you have then to watch out for the ferries which appear out of no where.

St Peters Port Gurnsey

We will probably move to Havelet bay (shown in picture below) if the wind does not change, the pilot book suggested it would be busy in the summer but we only saw one boat at anchor with empty local mooring buoys.


Havelet Bay

Log entry Saturday 14th June

Departed Ramsgate 04.30 … bound Brighton, with over night stay at Rye anchorage ….

AIS …. shows the English channel is just like a motorway ……..  with Ferry after Ferry coming out of Dover ……. anyway we dodged them all without event … and under sail …

Dover Motorway

The wind picked up later in the morning to take us on to Rye where we anchored in a nice off shore wind.

Rye 1

Onward to Brighton tomorrow … finally making some progress 🙂


Log Entry Thursday 12th June

Relaxed in Ramsgate with some time to reflect.

In Lowestoft we had to top up with diesel …….


…… 11 litres no less, and what is more we had to motor sail the last 15 miles to Rasgate, so will require further top up !

The weather has been quite kind since arriving in Ramsgate (Monday 9th) ……..


We also understand Ramsgate is the only port to have a Royal Harbour.

Sometimes life is put into perspective, and the plaque in the photograph below reads

“In May 1940 New Britannic under Cap. Walter Read, his 15 yr old son Joe & deck hand Bill Mathews rescued 3,000 British & Allied soldiers off the beaches of dunkirk”.

New Britanic

On a lighter note, whilst we were tied up and there was no wind, we tried hoisting the cruising chute without the the snuffer which we have always been worried would tangle whilst at the top of the mast. The principle being the cruising chute (or spinaker) can be taken down in the lee of the mainsail and stuffed into the hatch, providing the tack line and halyard can be controlled by one person and the other does the stuffing (and the autohelm does the steering).

We rigged the tack line with a snatch shackle from the bow spit and hoisted the chute, anticipatinig it would hang there and we could simply try lowering it and stuffing it into the main hatch. The sail came out of the bag and hoisted without tangling …. infact it filled quite nicely even with the faintest of breezes ….. fortunately the breeze was very light and the concept of stuffing into the hatch proved itself so we have some confidence of doing this at sea – and maybe reducing the need for the iron sail.

Cruising Chute

First QSO as M0 HPP

Thanks to Werner OE9FWV for taking me through my first  pactor 2 connection and then and SSB QSO on Tuesday 3rd June.

I learnt a lot about how to use the ‘airmail software’ and also learnt that pactor 2 is fine for a terminal QSO and has the advantage it has a narrow bandwidth of about 500 Hz compared to 2,400 Hz of Pactor 3 and 4.

Hydrovane Tip

On passage to lowestoft we had a problem with “Esmeralda” (the Hydrovane unit). Part of the drive unit lifted on the shaft.

Hydrovane Normal

The image above shows the normal position.

Hydrovan Raised


The image above shows the problem where part of the drive unit has lifted, and on passage it looked like it would fall off !

The solution appeard to simply tighten up the clamp with the bolt and nut, which is what we did.  However later the same problem occured, and it was not until we were tied up in Lowestoft and had chance to strip down the clamp did the solution become apparent.  The bolt is threaded into the clamp so it is the bolt that needs to be tightend, which was not easy as the stainless steel was meshed into the aluminium clamp.  Once this was cleaned up the clamp nipped up against the bearing quite nicely.

Hydrovane Clamp

The image above shows the nut that we tried to tighten agains the bolt, on reflection the fact that the nut was only half sized and was not a nylex nut should have been a big clue.


Log Entry – Wednesday

Departed Grimsby 11.30am – bound Lowestoft.

Anchored Hail Sand Fort 13.30

Left Anchorage 16.00.

Aim to Anchor just south of Firing Range, wind SE.

Hope to catch the Westerly / SW tomorrow morning.


At 04/06/2014 18:27 (utc) our position was 5327.64’N 00014.51’E


Log Entry – Monday

Plan to sail at 11.00 to Haile Sand Fort and anchor tomorrow 3/6/14.

If all goes well we will press on from 16.00 along the Lincolnshire coast and then anchor overnight, before pressing on south on Wednesday.

Ian from Enixus has said he will give us a call on the Ham bands.

No internet at club on pontoons so no picture update.


At 02/06/2014 21:39 (utc) our position was 5334.65’N 00003.97’W