Monthly Archives: June 2018

Log Entry 16th June 2018

Departed our anchorage at around 20.30 yesterday to catch the North going tide with the promise of some favorable southerly wind,  what we got was very little wind from the North.  Nonetheless we made good progress to Flamborough head with the spring tide and the engine on little more than tick-over – once rounded the wind picked up on the nose ! Painful to see the tide turn and the SOG change from 4.5 knots to little more than a knot even with some revs on the engine.  The crew took a watch, which was most welcome and gave time for some sleep and thinking.  Filey Bay was only a few nautical miles from our position but with the wind was going to take hours to reach, by which time the tide would turn again – so should we anchor or not.   After an hour or so sleep at least the wind had dropped and we were making a couple of knots – so we headed close in shore to escape the tide and sure enough we made it to Filey – our first ever visit.  A bacon sandwich and much needed sleep.  The wind has now picked up and we are sat comfortable in a Southerly force 5 – where was that last night ?  The plan is some more rest and then depart either later today, or tomorrow morning – that gives the wind chance to hide and for us to rest.

Log Entry 15th June 2018

Finally we have departed Grimsby this morning bound North,  perhaps Blyth or Hartlepool being first port of call.  Currently anchored north of Withernsea at a place called Hilston – some rest and tea and then hopefully use the tide to take us a little further North as very little wind, despite the promise of some SW – I am sure it will come