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Log Entry 22nd July 2018

A little sad to leave Eyemouth, which was affordable and a very friendly Harbour.

We departed Eyemouth Tuesday 17th May at around 7.00am bound for Arbroath knowing we may have to find somewhere to anchor on passage to align with the lock times.

The forecast was for  variable winds mainly SW, in fact it was more W, which made it a little tight for Arbroath so we made for Peterhead.  In doing so the wind of course then dropped, and we were fortunate enough to find a peaceful anchorage at the North end of Montrose bay:

We departed the following morning just before 9.00, bound for Peterhead.  We were treated to a pod of dolphins escorting us from the Bay which was amazing.   Although there was not much wind the tide was carrying us well,  and the views of the cliffs, and birds and seals was absolutely incredible.

We past Stonehaven, and saw where we might anchor.  We should perhaps of taken the opportunity anchor and spend the night off Stonehaven as the tide turned and we had a hard time making anyway – but managed to avoid more of the tide by getting close in shore.  This allowed us to evaluate some of the smaller anchorages in the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club pilot. As it turned out these were a little small and or I did not have the skill to take advantage of them as the charts did not show depths and your reliant on the pilot notes.

There was supposed to be an anchorage in Nigg bay just before Aberdeen, but alas this was being developed to expand Aberdeen port – and no room for yachts.   A wind farm has also appeared in Aberdeen bay – along with a guard vessel which called us up to give more clearance – so much for being able to sail through Wind farms.

We also had an interesting experience with a commercial vessel whose course over ground appeared to be at right angles to his fore and aft line – anyway we managed to avoid the ship without incident.

It was getting dark and one of our options was Bay of Cruden which were pleased to find just after midnight. The anchor narrowly avoided taking fingers with it – a reminder of the care which should be taken.

It was peaceful and there is surely not much better experience than to arrive in darkness and then wake safely in a beautiful anchorage:


After a leisurely breakfast we departed Bay of Cruden around 11.00am and made our way round to Peterhead.  We tried several times to call but there was not response, but as we approached we were called and asked when we intended to call. After an explanation we had tried to call without success we were given a warm welcome and tied up around 13.30 in Peterhead Bay Marina.


Log Entry 27th June 2018

Departed Holy Island around 10.00 am BST bound for Eyemouth. Anxious ride over the bar at Holy Island but made it without any issues only to be faced with fog. The new Raymarine radar with display at the help was much appreciated and picked up targets which were tracked until visible at less than 1/2 mile.
Light winds but we arrived safely at Eyemouth around 16.00 hrs BST – despite best efforts the main halyard got caught round the radar reflector again – freed once tied up.

Log Entry 25th June 2018

An exciting night at anchor in the Kettle as the anchor dragged, but seemed to reset. The following morning when we departed for Holy Island the reason for the problems with the anchor became apparent – Kelp a massive chunk on the chain. We were lucky, next time the anchor will be lifted and then re-set.

Arrived in Holy Island early afternoon today, lovely light winds and very settled. Anchor has been buoyed on advice from the pilot.

Later in the afternoon we lifted the anchor and moved a little further out – good move as we got an onshore wind later.



Log Entry 24th June 2018

Departed Blyth around 9.30, some light breezes which helped us along, at one point thought we might may Holy Island. The wind dropped and with a forecast of Southerly wind Beadnel Bay did not look too attractive so we anchored in the Kettle Anchorage overnight.

Log Entry 23rd June 2018

Departed Filey anchorage 9.00am on the 16th June. Planned to depart the night before were shelved when it was found the reefing hooks were the wrong way round on the boom, which meant the boom had ot be removed – better to be done at anchorage rather than out at sea!
It was a pleasant sail with West and South West Winds 4 -5. Arrived Blyth at approximately 11.00 pm.
Nice reception at Blyth and met up with Wayne (Jay 9), who had sailed from Grimsby the week before – and caught fire – but safely extinguished it before arrival of the RNLI. Yet another example of no fuse on the starter motor battery – we have ours – just need fitting !