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Log Entry 20th August 2018

Departed Blyth 14th August 2018 at around 10.00 am bound for Hartlepool.  A reef in the main with just the staysail in anticipation of the F5  W, SW which was forecast.  A couple of small fishing boats called up to give directions to avoid their drift nets  We watched on as a Dutch boat seemed to ignore the frantic gestures of the men in the fishing boat signalling with an oar. The fishing boat put their engine on in full astern, at which the Dutch boat twigged and altered coarse at the last minute – incident avoided.     In addition to the radio call, local advice had been given in the Royal Northumberland Yacht club to steer at a salmon fishing vessel as they will then use an  oar to indicate which side to pass on.   Apparently drift net salmon will be a thing of the past, as allegedly the Government have bought up all the licenses so the salmon get into the rivers – true or not there are certainly fewer vessels fishing for salmon with drift nets.

The wind died, and the next forecast  gave a  F4 S  or SW wind – fortunately it came through as the SW.  We had the large Yankee up for a while before the wind picked up to a 5, and then dropped back to only having the staysail.  In the end we had a good sail, and arrived at Hartlepool just before high water.   The wind gave us a few challenges in the lock, and despite asking for a suitable berth for a long keel yacht with no bow thruster we were given a berth that required a turn against the prop – we  managed to tie up safely ready for safe arrival drink.

Yesterday we visited the Hartlepool Amateur Radio club at the Hartlepool light house,  as there is a lighthouse event  each year on the third weekend in August.  We were given a warm welcome and asked to join their 2M net in the evening which we did to pass on our thanks.

Just looking for a suitable weather window to take us on the next leg home, via a couple of anchorages – most likely avoiding Whitby and Scarborough.



Log Entry 9th August 2018

Departed Holy Island at around 14.30, bound for Beadnell Bay, slight hick up on the tidal calculations which left us pushing tide with the wind on the nose. Not good, and we made slow progress under engine. Hugging the coast again we managed to skip the tide and take a look at Beadnell bay, the wind was variable forecast to be SW or W – which would be fine, however the actual wind was South and there was a little swell. After taking a look we headed for the contingency of Embleton bay, which gave us more space and some latitude for wind direction – of course the wind then came from the WSW, hey ho. There is something quite grand though being at anchor under a castle – Dunstanburgh Castle.

As to the matter of the anchor dragging last night, that may not have been the case, because the following morning we had exactly the same track as the day before when the tide changed. On passage today a light came on, the GPS antenna is at the stern, the anchor is tethered to the bow, which gives another 22 odd meters when the boat swings through 180 degrees – something to take into consideration next time.

Our anchorage tonight is shown below.

Log Entry 8th August 2018

Departed Eyemouth around 09.00, bound for Holy Island, a  pleasant and non eventful sail with winds up to force 5. Arrived Holy Island just before high water. Enjoyed the afternoon sat in the sun watching the world go by.   The forecast was for the wind to drop, however, it increased to force 6 at times.

Its just before midnight now and on anchor watch as the anchor dragged slightly and the tide will turn again in about an hour – the joys of sailing.

Log Entry 7th August 2018

A great time was had at Peterhead with visits to Aberdeen, Boddam and Fraserbrough.  It appears you either love or hate Peterhead, well we fell into the former category – perhaps influenced by the fact there is easy berthing on arrival, cheap rates the longer you stop, and friendly people.

On one of our walks we had the good fortune to meet Peter who was fishing on the river Ugie, he kindly shared some local knowledge, and next time Peterhead is visited a day permit will be purchased for some fly fishing.

Time passed, and although there were winds to take us to the Orkney Isles, there seemed to be a lack of wind that might take us South.  Day after day of South West wind, with some South gales thrown in.  Finally a weather window appeared on the 3rd August and we took our chance, and left around 17.00.  The winds were light NW and progress was slow. The wind died, so there was slow motoring at our usually speed of around 3 knots.  Then the forecast changed to W or SW !!  Fortunately we caught the West and were making for Holy Island.  The night past, the Day came and finally were were across the Firth of Fourth.  The crew kindly took a watch and some sleep was had.  The wind died again and instead of Holy Island we made for Eyemouth and were tied up around 18.00 – Much needed sleep was welcomed.

We aim to depart Eyemouth tomorrow, 8th August, bound for Holy Island again.

Memories from Peterhead: