Log Entry 7th August 2018

A great time was had at Peterhead with visits to Aberdeen, Boddam and Fraserbrough.  It appears you either love or hate Peterhead, well we fell into the former category – perhaps influenced by the fact there is easy berthing on arrival, cheap rates the longer you stop, and friendly people.

On one of our walks we had the good fortune to meet Peter who was fishing on the river Ugie, he kindly shared some local knowledge, and next time Peterhead is visited a day permit will be purchased for some fly fishing.

Time passed, and although there were winds to take us to the Orkney Isles, there seemed to be a lack of wind that might take us South.  Day after day of South West wind, with some South gales thrown in.  Finally a weather window appeared on the 3rd August and we took our chance, and left around 17.00.  The winds were light NW and progress was slow. The wind died, so there was slow motoring at our usually speed of around 3 knots.  Then the forecast changed to W or SW !!  Fortunately we caught the West and were making for Holy Island.  The night past, the Day came and finally were were across the Firth of Fourth.  The crew kindly took a watch and some sleep was had.  The wind died again and instead of Holy Island we made for Eyemouth and were tied up around 18.00 – Much needed sleep was welcomed.

We aim to depart Eyemouth tomorrow, 8th August, bound for Holy Island again.

Memories from Peterhead:




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