Log Entry 9th August 2018

Departed Holy Island at around 14.30, bound for Beadnell Bay, slight hick up on the tidal calculations which left us pushing tide with the wind on the nose. Not good, and we made slow progress under engine. Hugging the coast again we managed to skip the tide and take a look at Beadnell bay, the wind was variable forecast to be SW or W – which would be fine, however the actual wind was South and there was a little swell. After taking a look we headed for the contingency of Embleton bay, which gave us more space and some latitude for wind direction – of course the wind then came from the WSW, hey ho. There is something quite grand though being at anchor under a castle – Dunstanburgh Castle.

As to the matter of the anchor dragging last night, that may not have been the case, because the following morning we had exactly the same track as the day before when the tide changed. On passage today a light came on, the GPS antenna is at the stern, the anchor is tethered to the bow, which gives another 22 odd meters when the boat swings through 180 degrees – something to take into consideration next time.

Our anchorage tonight is shown below.

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