Log Entry 7th August 2021

Later on the 5th August 2021 we had another visit from the Skipper of Sagittarius inquiring what was going on, when I told him that the Harbour Master knew nothing of the request to move up from our current berth and further more was told to stay where we were, he turned round and said well I am going to moor alongside your boat. He simply walked off and refused to discuss the matter. The HM was phoned and he declined to come down to the pontoons and said he would phone the skipper. We heard nothing more and no movements took place. This morning however, we found that our electric had been unplugged – hey ho what friendly people.

We have a new neighbour alongside ‘Bruce’, who was kind enough to hand write some passage notes for cruising around sky – what a difference between people.

We are looking to move on as soon as the weather allows, tomorrow looks a possibility but Monday may be kinder. The sea state is currently moderate, and with light winds that may be a bit uncomfortable, we plan to review the weather in the morning.

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