Hydrovane Tip

On passage to lowestoft we had a problem with “Esmeralda” (the Hydrovane unit). Part of the drive unit lifted on the shaft.

Hydrovane Normal

The image above shows the normal position.

Hydrovan Raised


The image above shows the problem where part of the drive unit has lifted, and on passage it looked like it would fall off !

The solution appeard to simply tighten up the clamp with the bolt and nut, which is what we did.  However later the same problem occured, and it was not until we were tied up in Lowestoft and had chance to strip down the clamp did the solution become apparent.  The bolt is threaded into the clamp so it is the bolt that needs to be tightend, which was not easy as the stainless steel was meshed into the aluminium clamp.  Once this was cleaned up the clamp nipped up against the bearing quite nicely.

Hydrovane Clamp

The image above shows the nut that we tried to tighten agains the bolt, on reflection the fact that the nut was only half sized and was not a nylex nut should have been a big clue.


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