Log Entry – Wednesday 19th June

A day sail in the Solent now anchored …. looking towards Lymington from the ‘poor’ side … or perhaps not !

Long may the sun last .


Solent - Nr Lymington




5 thoughts on “Log Entry – Wednesday 19th June

  1. Rob McGuinness

    Wow, suddenly your blog has sprung back in to life. Sounds like you are on the move and was wondering where you were (ultimately ) heading for?


    1. admin Post author

      We are heading south, in a very relaxed mode – we had ideas of getting to Spain but time is slipping away – but we are enjoying ourselves.

      How did the engine mounts go, and what plans do you have ?


  2. Rob McGuinness

    Hi Paul

    Engine mounts were a success, although the engine was in the galley for a few months. We can now motor at all revs without the annoying vibration going up your spine. Plans for any longer cruises have been put back to next year so the Devon and Cornwall coast for us this year again.
    Your trip sounds great – very jealous!


  3. admin Post author

    Thank you Rob, that was helpful to understand what the symptoms were for changing the mounts. We have a very small oil leak and we are considering taking the engine out and giving it an overhaul, though mindful of the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Keep in touch and maybe post the odd picture of your passages ?

    Take care and we hope you have fair winds …

    Paul and Vicky

  4. Rob McGuinness

    Yes, engine out was a huge undertaking. Ours is a Bukh 36 so weighs in at about 285kg which really adds to the logistics of trying to move it around. The engineer had a nightmare realigning the engine as it has to be shimmed into alignment. Went for a new cutlass bearing and Volvo stern gland at the same time. Old mounts were shocking, 2 having corroded in half so the weight of the engine was the only thing holding it all in place. Glad it’s over now!



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