Log Entry 19th July 2014

So after the Dophines we anchored in Cawsand Bay, and felt safe with the Warships standing guard.

Cawsand Bay


From Plymouth we made our way onto Torquay, the wind forcast did not come until much later in the day, and on reflection we should of found some where to anchor on route rather than rushing for the hot shower (and pint).   We arrived safely and were all tied up at 21.15 – in MDL marina (expensive half of the dock – but showers were nice.)  We were also in company of David Dimblbey (Yacht Rocket).





The night life was good in Torquay and we enjoyed some good weather though strong winds prevented us from leaving until the 19th when we made our way to Anstey’s cove.

Ansteys Cove


So we are currently at anchor with fingers crossed for the forecast off shore light winds to allow for a good nights sleep before pressing on to the next anchorage just off Beer Head.


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