Log Entry 3rd August 2014

From Lymington we were bound for out little spot off Hayling Island, however, there was quite a breeze so we decided to press on to Brighton, and of course the wind died on passage.  We motored part of the way, hit by a squall followed by some favourable wind … ‘ so engine off ‘.  The sensible thing to do of course would have been to anchor off brighton in the off shore breeze but thoughts of a warm shower gave motivation for a marina berth.   On approaching Brighton we heard people calling up to be told they were very full.  We anounced our intentions to enter the marina to be told you will have to raft up – okay where would you like us to raft we replied.  “You need to find a boat larger than you for preference”,  yes I understand that we are a 35 yacht could you advise of a specific berth,  ” try pontoons 11 &12.  We carefully motored past to see four boats rafted out with little room to manouver.  Tension between skipper and crew developed, there was nothing for it but another call to the Brighton Port Control indicating we were sorry but could not find a berth and being a long keel yacht with no bow thruster did not want to motor between the yachts rafted only to find there was not berth,  ” please wait came the response ”   We waited …..  ” try the pontoons on row 25″   We did and eventually found a berth at the so called ‘Premiere Marina’.   It had taken the best part of an hour and it was now 1.00am in the morning.   The skpper politely indicated to the crew the advanatage of anchoring.  We called Brighton control to let them know we had found a berth …. ‘ No reply’ ….

The morning brought sun and opportunity to shower, alas we had no fob to get into the showers and because we were on a berth holders pontoon it was quite a walk to the office.  Blood pressure was rising as on the way there were more marina staff than you can imagine,  cleaning, triming the flowers,  and in the office there must have been 6 people.  I have to say the lady that dealt with us was so  polite and because we had arrived at 1.00 am we were not charged that night.  I guess marinas have the same problem as the NHS, staff that work 9 – 5.

Today 3rd August we departed Brighton, bound for Rye Bay, the SW wind came as forcast so we have ended up anchored just off Dungeness,  a little bouncy but okay, and a first class meal was served by the crew.  Tomorrow we may move on to Ramsgate marina, hopefully, in office hours.

2 thoughts on “Log Entry 3rd August 2014

  1. Rob McGuinness

    Kudos for entering a full marina in a Tradewind! You are braver than me! We find the biggest problem in marina berthing is trying to lose some speed. The weight of the boat seems to mean we carry ‘way’ for way longer than expected. Then of course, if you have to reverse out in a straight line from a tight spot……………… Pray!
    Fantastic trip BTW. Still jealous!


  2. admin Post author

    Thanks Rob, yes once they are moving it takes some time lo loose momentum … I hope you have started making some plans !


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