Log Entry 18th June 2015

Arrived Brighton 15th June at about 15.50, very little water in the fairway, despite checking with Harbour Master before entering – anyway made it safely to our allocated berth, stern to as well.
So what does Brighton have to offer a year later, not much really – the showers are clean and the water is warm, and so it should be for the price.
Every day has a surprise, and the day after ariving we topped up the fuel, only to hear the bilge pump alarm set off, and yes the bilge had a lot of diesel in it. How can this be, there seemed to be some coming from the engine compartment, connections on the fuel lines were checked and more diesel siphoned in – and more in the bilge. After much head scratching the problem was found, the fuel pipe had parted from the filler fitting, so all the diesel ran into the locker and into the bilge – and of course on route found every opportunity to spread thought the boat.
The clean up process was started, two large buckets filled with diesel and cleaning water – we were really popular with our neighbours and the marina. The waste oil and diesel disposal tanks were on the other side of the marina – hey ho the walk was good exercise.
Finding the problem is usually half way to the solution, so in theory the pipe could simply be reconnected to the filler, except the pipe seemed to have shrunk by about 2 inches, so it would not meet with the fitting – a temporary fix was put in place with duck tape. Another job for the winter, and a really sod given the route of the pipe through the boat.
At lease the weather is dry and sunny:


Yesterday we found another locker contaminated and filled another couple of bottles with a mixture of water and diesel – I guess we will be blessed with the smell of diesel for a while now.

The winds have not been favourable for passage to the Solent, but the plan is to have a go tomorrow – final decision in the morning.
Our track from the last leg is shown below:

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