Log Entry 23rd June 2015

Finally departed Brighton 15.00 with the promise of some North with later. The wind was NW 2-3, a squall came to give a little excitement and left in a trail of rain. The wind died to tempt the large Yankee to be hoisted, whereupon the wind picked up to give further thrills. Nonetheless we were making good the course we wanted to steer. The owers present a danger of Selsey Bill, we played it safe and took the outside route, good job too as wind against tide brought waves crashing over the boat, none quite like I have seen before, not so much the height of the wave but the fact the boat went through rather than over some.

The fun would start as we tried to make a course due west, we just about made good that course and it looked like we might even sail to Sandown Bay, but as we approached the Isle of Wight the ships started to appear and one very large tanker looked like it was making for the ‘Nab Channel’, not a time to say ‘give way to sail’, so we altered course to go round its stern. Our thanks was to find the ship then slowed down and we lost a lot of ground. Later it was clear it has slowed down to take a pilot on board, next time we should perhaps call the ship up to agree a plan.

We now had the wind on the nose, and had to motor sail the last 10 miles, had the wind been forecast to stay NW / W we might have head straight for Cherbourg, alas the wind was forecast to die down, which it did making it easier to make a course for Sandown Bay.

Finally we were there and the anchor was dropped with the promise of some sleep.

Today the sun was shining and were in a lovely bay looking on the holiday makers – the reward for our labour. This you understand was not a documented anchorage but one researched on the charts, it was a little disappointed to find we are sharing it with two other boats, not tow worry plenty of room.

A leisurely day here before deciding what to do, but from the forecast it looks like Cherbourg will have to wait a few days yet.


At 23/06/2015 10:19 (utc) our position was 5038.37’N 00109.76’W


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