Log Entry 26th June 2015

Departed Sandown Bay 24th June on a nice day sail to Osborne Bay.
Sandown Bay 1 smallSandown Bay 2 small

The memories of a busy Solent came rushing back as yacht appeared from all around – along with the tankers to add another dimension.

On Passage Osborne Bay 1 small

On Passage Osborne Bay 2

Osborne Bay is a charted anchorage, bringing along with it other vessels, fortunately most left when it was time to get back to the marina, leaving ourselves and only a couple of other yachts.

It was quite a peaceful night and as a result there was no rush to get up in the morning. When we did rise the bay filled up with more visitors – none to close though which was a relief. There were large signs indicating no landing on Osborne bay was permitted …. private land !

Osborne House Small

We departed Osborne Bay on the 25th June bound Hurst Point the plan being to sail from there to Cherbourg with the promised Westerly wind.

We arrived at Hurst Point to find peace again and another restful night at anchor, the winds picked up today, however, there was no sign of any Westerly the beloved and prevailing South Westerly was to persist … time for a re-think, Yarmouth looks good.

Hirst Point  2 small

Hirst Point 1 small

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