Log Entry 1st July 2015

Departed Hurst Point 28th June bound for Yarmouth moorings. The harbour masters team have a reputation for courtesy and they lived up to that expectation – with a smile. We were offered a non-walk ashore berth for the same price as a mooring, I explained the lady had a long keel and lacked a bow thruster, he smiled again and said its not the first time he had heard that. The price of a mooring was just short of 20, a water taxi was 2.50 per person each way – we pumped the dinghy up and used the outboard to get ashore. Showers were another 1.30 each, but were nice and warm, and your given a full 6 minutes of pleasure. There is a ‘Cost Cutter’ store which was useful to re-provision – eating out looked expensive so a bottle of wine was purchased for a meal aboard.

Departed Yarmouth 30th June 07.15 UTC bound for Cherbourg, the rewards of a mooring buoy are reaped, as you only have to slip the line and your off. The forecast was for a rare Easterly, with the threat of some south in it (not helpful), the reality was somewhere in between. The passage was, thankfully, uneventful – though the crew became anxious when the self steering struggled a little to hold the course whilst some chart work was undertaken. Confidence was restored once a steady course was held. The wind dropped and the iron donkey was used for the last 10 miles – the trick with Cherbourg is tide timing – and I would like to say it was planned but it was almost slack water at the east entrance when we arrived – good to have some luck. Another yacht overtook us at the first harbour entrance and then proceed to ‘hover’ apparently struggling to find the marina – this of course is as the point fenders are being deployed etc. It was good to have a chart plotter to show the way, but we took care to identify the lights as you never know when the electronics might fail (even though several spares are carried). It was very dark but we found the central visitors pontoon and tied up, safe arrival drink and then hit the bunks.

The central pontoon is another dinghy trip mooring, but we are pointing the right way to depart … not just yet, a couple of days here.


At 01/07/2015 11:12 (utc) our position was 4938.78’N 00137.21’W


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