Log Entry 18th July 2015-07-18

Departed Havelet bay for St. Peters Port 15th July 2015 as an easterly wind was forecast which could be potentially unsafe especially if it moved round to SE.  The initial plan was to find another anchorage, however, a splash of larger on the laptop disagreed with the internal electronics, so it was time to pull out the reserve netbook. Given the age of the netbook it has served well as the backup, especially after some updates from the slow free WiFi at St Peters Port.  Free of course really being included in the price of the mooring fees – but reasonable gi mokoven the prices in Brighton.

We are currently like sardines in a tin – a far cry from the anchorage in which we had to ourselves at one point.  There are walk ashore pontoons, laundrette  and inclusive showers, apart from that there is little benefit.

Our neighbours for the last couple of days have been a couple who fly a defaced ensign for the Royal Air force sailing association – well spoken and very polite, also particular about squeaks – applying fairy liquid to their fenders – which apparently eases the squeaks.  

The current plan is to make for Alderney after the weekend and have the pleasure of the ‘Swinge’ – all good experience.   Alderney has mooring buoys and places to anchor 🙂

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