Log Entry 14th August 2015

The long motor from Alderney meant we had used some diesel and even when we topped up with the remaining two spare cans the tank was not full. The UK still sell red diesel but other countries don’t and if you get caught with red diesel they fine you. That coupled with the fact that the engine runs cleaner on white diesel meant we had to find a garage as the marina only sells the red stuff. The magic of a smart phone told us we has a two mile walk – so off we set with the trolley. We confirmed directions with a local, who said its up there but I would not like to walk … off we plodded. It was a long walk up a hill but there was a reward of a lovely view.

portland sml

The garage was found and the cans filled, a strange look from the cashier and payment offered … I didn’t have the exact change, and as a result even got the diesel cheaper .

With the tank topped up we were ready to depart for Studland bay anchorage on the 9th, with some more light winds. The ‘ghoster’ sail was hanked on the night before – now this sail is very large and very pink – the compromise at the time of purchase being the boat could have a new sail if the crew could chose the colour – it never fails to attract comment. Moreover this sail took us on our way at a very healthy 4 knots plus the tide – that was fast considering the trip from Alderney. Studland anchorage off Poole harbour was pretty full but as the day drew to a close many people left leaving us on the outer perimeter for an easy escape in the morning.

We departed Studland bay on the 10th bound for the Solent – there was a slight problem in the fact that some strong winds were forecast from the NE later in the week. We didn’t have a known anchorage for those winds, so we booked a marina berth for 11th – 13th at the Royal Clarence Marina in Portsmouth. We spent the night of the 10th in a Practical Boat Owner free parking anchorage called Stanswood bay – it was sheltered and calm.

The following day we made our way under engine (no wind) to the marina. The Almanac made it clear which route needed to be taken, and noted that if the instructions were not followed a vessel would be considered as ‘hostile’ by the Royal Navel base … all adds to the excitement. We arrived safely though the Port is busy with both pleasure, commercial and Navel vessels. The following day we took a ferry across from Gosport where the marina was to Portsmouth for a day in the shops, always good to keep the crew happy.

We have extended our stay until the 15th as fog is forecast today and that didn’t sound like fun given the shipping density. We aim to depart on the 15th August bound in the direction of Brighton.

portsmouth sml

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