Sailing memories 

just a few memories from this year from the crews prospective.

Left Grimsby in some bouncy seas, so as ever I (the crew) went to my bunk for the majority of the sail to Lowestoft. I went on the helm whilst the skipper went up to change the sails unfortunately a sheet knot came adrift and I was unable to stop the block damaging the wood on the rubbing straight, the skipper came to help and for his trouble got a cut hand, some tlc and a plaster helped. The block will need to be replaced. The skipper then fed us and I returned to my bunk( this is a recurring theme).

Some shopping in Lowestoft and a meal out was lovely.

Left Lowestoft on more bouncy seas. On th helm as skipper put up the sails was quite an experience and I was not in a hurry to repeat it, a good sail followed and after sleep I came back into the cockpit to find a force 8 had been on the radio and we were going into Ramsgate. It was pitch black with what looked like a hundred lights to try and find the enterence I was on the helm whilst skipper took down sails, it certainly focuses the mind when all you have to rely on is each other getting there bit right.  Then I put fender and ropes out while skipper motored into our new berth. A couple of beers were downed in relief of a safearrival,

More shopping ensued and washing to be done then off again… Had the odd ice cream and cake

After anchoring made it to Brighton only to find diesel in lockers and bilge, a major clean up was needed.

I made use of the sewing machine by making a new flag and cover for the Dan bouy.

Then off again to anchor in and about the Isle of Wight.  

Waist lines seem to be increasing, oh well worry later

Now in cherbourg, arrived at night, next day off to the shops, got nail varnish,  wine and cake just the thing for crew. 

Bordered by the French customs who were very pleasant but still a force who would get what they wanted regardless. More washing and shopping. Skipper worried about the Alderney races, but as I slept through them I thought they were fine..

Off to the Channel Islands to a beautiful anchorage of havelet bay. Dinghy used to get ashore. Slight problem with skippers computer and beer – they don’t mix. Swam in the bay whilst skipper sat on the slipway. Sea was soooo clear but cold..Bad wind was forecast so we went into the marina which was chockablock. Went out for pizza, pandora shop no longer open. More ice cream and cake consumed. Good job we had spare computer.( nothing to do with me!

Alderney was lovely,took up a mooring bouy against another boat due to leave as it was packed( Ann and Nick off sing in the tide) dinghy ashore to shops most days had a few beers in the pub and sailing club. Went on the old train which is a converted underground carriages. Bad storm blew up so boat bound for a couple of days, then the sun came out. Saw a new anchorage when leaving maybe next year….?

Left Alderney for Portland, motored all the way, arrived again at night with the help of the marina night staff and his dog, small scratch on hull from pontoon,much to skippers annoyance but we were safe and again beer was consumed.

diesel was required, so a rather long walk up a hill was necessary leading to ablistered toe for me. A bus trip to Weymouth and the pandora shop was open.

Painted rubbing straight to cover up all the wear and tear. Met a lovely couple from theboat Starburst they keep on the Orwell river who told me all about the tradwind owners association on Facebook who is a friend of theirs.

Anchored again in the Solent, it now feels like we are on our way back home.

New marina for us in Gosport at Clarence, took the ferry across to Portsmouth did some crew  retail therapy .

Did some more washing at £1.40 it is the cheapest found so far. So I washed everything… Only trouble was I melted a sleeping bag in the dryer. Had a lovely meal out at the. Castle tavern.

Left gosport with the pink sail for Brighton arrived at night with the help of the marina staff – no scratches. Skipper collected his new. Computer.

Polished all the push pit and tided up, skipper trying to make new computer work like the old one with all the sailing software, I stayed out of the way. Met Richard (wife Claire)who was very chatty about all his sailing experience from Grimsby (G&Cyc) to the Caribbean and back… Their boat is phalarope.

More washing and shopping done.

Read loads of books and embroidering a lighthouse picture also downloaded a jigsaw app on iPad.

Anchored for the night near Dungeness and settling down for the night, and in the pitch black and miles from anywhere there was a knock on the hull and 2 burly cusoms officers came aboard, looking for migrant being smuggled into UK after channel tunnel closures and added security. They checked the boat and took all our details, then they left, we went to bed slightly unnerved.

 More escapades soon x

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