Log Entry 26th August 2015

Déjà vu , comes to mind sat here in Ramsgate in high winds and unsettled weather – August seems to have been a bit of a wash out. Yesterday we took a look out past the harbour and saw a couple of yachts setting off in what looked like pretty challenging conditions. One then returned and made an undignified attempt at berthing – which left his partner on the pontoon and young son on the deck, whilst he made a second attempt – oh the memories. Fortunately a number of people rushed to his aid.

The day before the ‘harbour masters’’ man, suggested we might be better on an inner berth where it would be more settled – I asked if the current berth would be uncomfortable or unsafe – he declined to answer and left the decsion to us. I explained the concept of a long keel and going astern to the chap – who looked bemused and I could see his mind thinking ‘poor workman blames his tools’. I tentatively asked if we took an inner berth, taking the berth bows to, could we have a push on the bow with his work boat when it came time to leave – again he looked like I was a mad man, and said – ‘I would but I may not be here’ I wanted to say, what are you the only person that can take charge of the work boat. I bit my tongue reminded myself we were in a marina run by the council and this chap had the intent of helping. Also taking into consideration a potential discussion with the insurance company if we suffered damage after declining advise from the marina – we elected to accept the offer of moving and having our lines taken from the helpful chap.

The berth offered was a straight run in, and then a departure astern, or take the berth astern and then have a more or less straight run out. There was little wind so we made our first attempt astern – awful, so we went round for another go. This time it was as perfect as it gets, a stern line was passed to the helpful chap …. unfortunately the bow now was pulled off with the wind, but we fended off . I passed a bow line to the chap which he dutifully pulled on as hard as he could …. I calmly said if you make this bow line off on that cleat there, I will then use it as spring and the engine will pull the bow round. There was a look of disbelief in his eyes, but he did as asked and the bow came round as promised, I wouldn’t say he was impressed, but perhaps I was one step closer to being judged sane.


The compressor for the fridge failed, fortunately we have the portable strapped in so all is not lost.

The forecast tomorrow is better, allowing for a departure bound for Lowestoft – we feel privileged, however, to know we can wait if necessary.

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