Log Entry 28th June 2016

Arrived safely in IJmuiden on the 27th June 2016 around 10.30 BST. We had light winds to depart Lowestoft which picked up to between force 4-5 after crossing the shipping lanes and then to force 6 as we approached IJmudiden.

We took the Yankee down before the entrance, and I believe I actually enjoyed the thrill of the deck work and sense of achievement – I felt fairly safe and used a tip from the Humber Life boat crew in that I doubled up the safety line round the jack lines … this not only means that if you fall over the side your likely to hang off the boat above the water line (rather than drown as your dragged through the water) – but if you want to unclip the line you can grab the doubled up line and pull some slack in on the line and then unclip from the harness – easier to demonstrate rather than describe.

The entrance was quite lively and it felt like we surfed in, the crew did not look impressed when I said we were getting a fair ground ride for free. Once passed the entrance the seas calmed and we took the sails down before proceeding to sea port marina.

All in all we had a good crossing but there was a lot of traffic (thank goodness for ais and cpa calculations) and there are more and more obstacles / restricted areas in the North sea – I do look forward to sailing some areas someday that you could actually get some sleep and leave the crew just to watch for the occasional ship.

Feeling quite pleased that so far we have sailed all passages and just used the engine to enter and leave a port.

The plan now will be to sail down the coast to Belgium and France and then back up the English coast.

Hope to visit Amsterdam … not sure if to cheat and take the bus / ferry … its good to have these decisions to ponder far better than the work related decisions of the past 🙂


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