Log Entry 14th July 2016

Scheveningen proved an expensive stay as the chart plotter developed a fault, and whilst under the comprehensive worldwide Raymarine warranty – repair against that warranty proved difficult. Enough to say a replacement was the only way forward whilst in Holland.

Before departing Scheveningen we had the challenge of getting out of our berth, the wind was blowing quite hard and we were pressed against the walkway pontoon, and not a full boat length between us and the boat behind, so there there was only one option and that was to exit stern first. Easier said than done with a long keel yacht – so a request was made to the harbour master for a tow with his tender. He was a young lad with only a little English – but very very helpful – I shared my plan of tethering his dinghy to the boat but he was not keen and preferred just a single line …. enough to say the tow up the row of pontoons was more like a fair ground ride – at high speed. Credit to the lad we did not hit anything and found ourselves against a friendly Dutch boat for the night on a suitable berth to leave early on the morning of the 13th , bound for Breskens Marina with a fair wind.

We slipped out at first light and had to motor across the Massgeul, soon after the north westerly wind came as the promised force 3-4 then increased to 5 and then 6 – so we made good progress even when the tide was against us.

Despite the stronger than forecast wind the passage was uneventful – although the arrival at Breskens Marina brought some challenge, we were able to call the harbour master on channel 31 and he cheerfully gave us berthing instructions – but no directions. The request for further detail brought with it radio silence – fortunately a plan of the marina had been downloaded before departure – best efforts were made to attempt to make the berth but the wind was strong and the danger of causing some serious damage was too great, unable to get sufficient space to turn the boat road we had another trip stern first back to the entrance to be met by a friendly harbour master who kindly gave us an easier berth and gave us a warm welcome. When we went to pay this morning it was a different harbour master – suffice to say he was a man of few words and appeared to lack the ability to smile.


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