Log Entry 8th June 2017

Much planning and thinking today, two trial chamfered discs prepared to see if they will lie flat on the curve of the transom.  The balsa insert cut and shaped roughly to size.  The plan being to finish trimming at the boat over the weekend, mark the location of the bolt holes for the chamfered discs, so a cut out can be made in the right place.

The big feature for the weekend, weather permitting, is the dry run on a vacuum setup.  The photograph below shows initial preparations. The balsa insert lies on top of a breather material which soaks up excess resin, below that is the plastic film that forms a vacuum against the surrounding fiberglass in the transom.  In the final sandwich there are two other layers – more of those later.

The photograph below the balsa and breather material have been removed to show the plastic film and breach unit in situ.

A cut out in the plywood template allows the breach unit to be assembled and supported, the plan being simply to lift the plywood, with the balsa et al, into the cut in the transom.  This, with some luck, can be wedged holding it all in place whilst a seal can be effected between the plastic sheet and the transom – the pump can be connected and switched on.  Well that’s the plan.

Mmmm, having written the blog entry,  its clear of another challenge, assuming the vacuum is successful, the plywood will come away but can’t be removed from the pipe which will lead to the breach unit from the pump.   It will either have to be supported lower down, or lightly wedged back up against the sandwich, once satisfied all is well.

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