Log Entry 5th July 2017

The balsa panel seemed solid enough, and so after that the two side pads were epoxied in using the same technique .. there is a limit to how often photographing a vacuum setup has appeal.

Returned home to order more supplies and prepare materials.

Over the last week we have glassed in the two corner pads, the first six layers vacuum pressed in and the remainder laid up by hand.  On the way the air has been blue as glass has fallen and flopped after being laid up upside down – it’s about as bad as it sounds.  Had it been feasible to continue with the vacuum technique we would have done but its a race against time and getting a good seal in the far corner was not easy.

Six layers of glass have been hand laid up on the centre balsa panel today,  the last three would have been done today but it was noted there was some air trapped on the over lap so that needs to be ground out first.

Starboard Corner:


Port Corner:


Centre Balsa Panel


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