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Home made penetrating oil (source; Hydrovane)

Penetrating Oils –Machinist’s Workshop magazine recently published some information on various penetrating oils that I found very interesting. Some of you might appreciate this. The magazine reports they tested penetrates for break out torque on rusted nuts. They are below, as forwarded by an ex-student and professional machinist. They arranged a subjective test of all the popular penetrates with the control being the torque required to remove the nut from a “scientifically rusted” environment.
Penetrating oils ……….. Average torque load to loosen:
  • No Oil used 516 pounds
  • WD-40 238 pounds
  • PB Blaster 214 pounds
  • Liquid Wrench 127 pounds
  • Kano Kroil 106 pounds
  • ATF*-Acetone mix 53 pounds
* The ATF-Acetone mix is a “home brew” mix of 50 – 50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone. Note this “home brew” released bolts better than any commercial product in this one particular test. Our local machinist group mixed up a batch and we all now use it with equally good results. Note also that “Liquid Wrench” is almost as good as “Kroil” for about 20% of the price. Steve from Godwin-Singer says that ATF-Acetone mix is best, but you can also use ATF and lacquer thinner in a 50-50 mix.